Walking into the Bigness

Set & Costume Design
for ‘Walking into the Bigness’

“The set, by collaborative design team The Sisters Hayes, is a brilliant outback playground. From the busted-up station wagon perched on a roof, to its dirt mound-laden edges, it pulls off the incredible feat of making the towering Merlyn Theatre actually feel like the outdoors. And it teams perfectly with Rachel Burke’s sensitive, naturalistic lighting.”

Byron Bache, The Herald Sun


Malthouse Theatre, August 2014

By Richard Frankland

Directed by – Wayne Blair and Chris Mead
Dramaturgy – Chris Mead
Set and Costume Design – The Sisters Hayes
Lighting Design – Rachel Burke
Sound – Darrin Verhagen
Co-Musicial Directors – Richard Frankland,
Monica Weightman

Tammy Anderson, Paul Ashcroft, Luisa Hastings Edge, Rarriwuy Hick and Tiriki Onus

Production Photography – Pia Johnson

Performance Shots

Production Photography - Pia Johnson