The Sisters Hayes installation-‘Shadowland’ was part of a group exhibition at Anna Pappas Gallery.

paradise…a hell of a place presents eleven Australian and international artists seeking the contemporary relevance of a word that has been re-conceived perpetually throughout history. Utilising the diverse media of sculpture, installation, photography, film, animation, drawing and painting, these artists guide us through personal and universal encounters with paradise.

paradise…a hell of a place
Anna Pappas Gallery
4 Feb – 9 Mar 2011

Guest Speaker | Alexie Glass, Director
Gertrude Contemporary

Featuring work by
Sarah Berners
Paolo Consorti (Milan)
Brad Haylock
Andy Hutson
Deborah Kelly
Christopher Köller
Bonnie Lane
Simon MacEwan
The Sisters Hayes
Natascha Stellmach (Berlin)
Michael Wegerer (Vienna)

Curated by Anna Pappas

Above: The Sisters Hayes, Shadowland (2012), Mixed media installation: sheets, hand-woven quilt, rope, hand painted canvas figures, felt and stop-motion animation, dimensions variable