A Good Death


A multi-faceted site specific exhibition

for the 2010 Next Wave Festival

For one week only viewers were invited to delve into the depths of the Church Crypt, at Saint Mary’s Star of the Sea Catholic Church, to discover a world of reliquary, heroism, death and religion in a dark and fascinating exhibition of new work by The Sisters Hayes.

The Sisters have most faithfully resurrected stories of Martyrdom. Saint Joan of Arc’s burning at the stake, Saint Sebastian’s death by arrows (and then clubs) and the beautiful Saint Barbara’s beheading have been recreated in a dark and captivating series of paintings, video’s , performances and installation.

Creators The Sisters Hayes
Associate Producer Lara Thoms
Lighting Bronwyn Pringle
Sound Angela Grant

Exhibition Photography Tristan Davies, Shivanjani Lal

Commissioned & developed by
Next Wave through Kickstart 2009. 

St Mary’s Sacred Music Centre 
Rose Chong Costumes

An RMIT Union supported presentation.

Performance Images

Exhibition Images

The multi-dimensional work draws on their expertise, while adding new ventures such as live performance to tell the unpleasant fates of martyrs ,.. the project has allowed this giggly trio to indulge their preference for the darker side of stories.

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